About Us

Metal Finishing Services was formed in 1983 with the stated objective of supplying
quality electroplating and finishing to the industrial community in the Southeast.
Operations are housed in a 10,000 square foot building ob 0.9 acres located in the
Newberry Industrial Park in Sumter, SC. The company was founded by
Rex E. Riddle, a
certified Manufacturing Engineer with over 40 years of experience in all phases of metal
finishing. The company is owned and operated by
Thomas M. Riddle, son of Rex
Riddle. Tom has served as Plant Manager since the formation of the company. Metal
Finishing Services is proud that after more than 30 years of operation we have earned a
very admirable reputation for quality service and prompt delivery at competitive prices.
Metal Finishing Services, Inc.
Established 1983
Environmental Control

Metal Finishing Services is a recognized leader in the area of hazardous waste
minimization. In 1993, the company established a five-year goal of near zero wastewater
discharge. The project was divided into three phases, beginning with the design and
installation of a water management spray rinse system. The second phase involved the
purchase and installation of a deionizer on the process influent, anticipation of recycling
our rinse water. Phase three of the project consisted of the design, purchase, and
installation of two vacuum evaporators, making it possible to not only reuse the rinse
water,but to also return the heavy metals (nickel and silver) back to the plating tanks.  
The completion of the project has resulted in a 60% reduction in water usage and a 92%
reduction in F006 sludge generated, during a period when production volumes
increased by 60%. As a result of our efforts, the South Carolina Department of Health
and Environmental Control (DHEC) used our project as a case study in their quarterly
Waste Minimization Publication. We were also featured in the South Carolina Commerce
Department Magazine. With the completion of phase four and with continued diligence,
management believes the company will be positioned for survival and prosperity well into
the twenty-first century.