Silver Plating
Silver is white colored and often thought of as a precious metal. However, it cannot be
considered precious because it oxidizes. Silver is the greatest metal for conducting
electricity which makes it sought after in the electronics and semiconductor industries.
The metal is also very malleable, a good conductor of heat, and provides excellent
solderability.  Silver has excellent lubricity which makes it useful for bearing surfaces
and anti-galling applications. These factors make silver an economical choice for
electrical contacts considering its relatively low price compared to precious metals such
as gold and platinum.
AMS 2410
AMS 2412
Metal Finishing Services specializes in industrial silver plating, with a customer base
which includes manufacturers of electronics, electrical distribution equipment, fluid
handling systems, surgical instruments, and aerospace components. With the recent
installation of two automatic plating lines and a new hoist-operated manual line, we have
the equipment, skill, and experience to accommodate a wide range of part sizes for a
variety of customers. The company has been an innovator in the area of selective
plating, providing cost savings to our customers in a wide range of applications. In 1991,
we developed a process for selectively silverplating on threaded stainless steel fittings.
This involves plating the inside diameter only on an assortment of sizes, in a high volume
industry. Our yearly production volume for this application exceeds 9,000,000 units,
using a one-shift operation.   
Metal Finishing Services, Inc.
Silver Specifications